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Our Story

Hi, I like to call myself Halo. Here are my thoughts and the story behind Green Halo CBD. 

After countless experiences and money spent with supplements and natural products, I came to the conclusion that most do not work or at least in a noticeable amount. And when you look into drugs peddled by the pharmaceutical industry, you usually see a long list of side effects and on top of it- you're taking a synthetic man-made compound. There had to be natural products that actually work that can replace one's need for pharma-based drugs. At the time, I just figured it didn't exist. That's where CBD comes in. 

When I first tried CBD Oil, a natural product, the effects were noticeable the first time I used it. No more pain after working out, overthinking things was gone and a general state of mental relaxation followed- without having to take a drug, get high or deal with unwanted side effects. When reading on the web about it further, I saw others mentioning how CBD literally changed their life for the better. No more chronic back pain, joints felt significantly better, social anxiety reduced greatly, moods enhanced, their child's seizures decreased, etc etc.

After realizing how beneficial CBD is and how it helps people and pets in even greater ways than me, I knew I wanted to start a brand where I can share that with as many as possible. 

THAT is how Green Halo CBD began. 

We are on a mission to reach as many people as possible to help them improve the quality of their lives- this brand is our medium to accomplish that mission. 

A little more about us:

Santa Barbara, CA

We are based in sunny Santa Barbara, California and we are active in meeting those at local events and sharing CBD with them and spreading the word here online. Many of the photos on the site are taken in SB.

Our brand stands for everything that comes along with improving one's life, such as being active, exploring nature and our world, meeting interesting new people and living a life without bounds. 

Here's to a healthier, happier life!